Flask Gordon (rskipwo) wrote in atlantamusic,
Flask Gordon

Audio Gear for sale

A few audio interfaces for the local musicians.

First up, Gen 1Digidesign Mbox audio interface. Its not the best in the world but its your cheapest dongle for Protools at the house. Comes with version 6.4 (i think.. its around that era) for pc and mac and i've got a "not so official" copy of 8 for mac.


M-Audio Fast Track Pro. 2 XLR phantom powered mic inputs, 2 1/4" line inputs, midi in/out spdif in/out. This can also work independently of a computer. So you can route the mic pre output to spdif. Then you can send spdif to the mbox and record 4 channels at once.

Both items work great. I've upgraded and just don't need them anymore. Will be happy to meet up and let you try them out.

$100 each
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