Pixie Bruner (pixelmonster) wrote in atlantamusic,
Pixie Bruner

DJ Light's 2010 Year Mix

Name : VA
Title : DJ Light Presents "Living For 2010 - Yearmix"
Style : Trance, Breaks, Epic/Anthem Trance, Breakbeats
Date : 2010
Format : DJ Set, fully mixed podcast
Packing : MP3
Bitrate : 320

Here is the "Years Best of 2010" Year Mix.

Some amazing anthemic, epic and uplifting trance from long-time trance faves Nitrous Oxide and Max Graham, happy trance with dark dark lyrics from the brilliant John O'Callaghan, perfect musical magic from BT and Rob Dickinson on "The Unbreakable", insane killer breaks that really make the blood flow and the body rock out from "The Freerange DJs", the tone poem and haunting tale of a emotional or actual drowning from "How to Destroy Angels", a great song with an epic socio-political and self-awareness message from Super8 & Tab, an original remix of Hybrid UK's amazing "Break My Soul" about a soul that cannot be broken, and a piano that touches the heart in the Jasper Forks chosen track. There is not a bad song in the lot. From the first notes to the last kick drum kick- it's all damn good music! 2010 was a year for great releases and amazing tracks.

This set covers my fave genres of trance and breaks as an artist and highlights only fourteen of the best tracks released in 2010. There were countless other tracks that were things are beauty and kicked ass but these are the brightest stars fallen in my crate that I spun this year, and "The Unbreakable" won me my wife and co-composer. I love you, Pixie.

Next year, we move forward and ever upwards and onwards, to the second star to the right and straight on to the morning!

Glad to have you all by my side and see you where we get there, wherever we go!! Namaste and Agape- Sonny "DJ Light" Haury

Track Listing

BT - The Unbreakable - "Orignal Mix"
Robert Nickson - Maybe Next Time - "Orignal Mix"
Aurosonic & FKN feat. Trine - You & Me - "Philippe El Sisi Remix"
Freerange Djs - Back To The Old Jack - "Eshericks Remix"
John Ocallaghan feat. Sarah Howells - Find Yourself "Original Mix"
DJ Light - Moving Foward - "Orignal Mix"
How To Destroy Angels - A Drowning - DJ Light and Pixie - "Prufrock Mix"
Max Graham feat. Ana Criado - Nothing Else Matters - "Original Mix"
Hybrid - Break My Soul - "DJ Light's Throwing Away The Ashes Remix"
Jasper Forks - River Flows In You - "Eric Chase Remix"
Algarve vs. Cold Blue - Sakura - "DJ Light's & Pixie's Call to Heaven Remix
Nitrous Oxide feat. Aneym - Far Away - "Original Mix"
Super8 & Tab feat Jan Burton - Empire - "DJ Light Remix"
Armin Van Buuren feat. Christian Burns - This Light Between Us - "Armin Van Buurens Great Strings Mix"
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